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        Zibo Zhenghe Water-purifying  Ltd., is located to the world soccer originates - - the Shandong Province Zibo Linzi area chemical industry industry garden, south neighbour Qi and Lu petrifies, approaches according to 309 federal highways, the distance aids the blue highway Linzi street intersection insufficient 3 kilometers, the geography position is superior, the traffic is convenient, is the domestic production food grade inorganic flocculant variety are most, one output biggest enterprise.
        This company and the main raw material hydrochloric acid habitat - - Qi and Lu petrification chlorine alkali factory only has together (309 federal highways) separates. The distance another big main raw material base - - Shandong aluminum industry company only has 5 kilometers. The production is apart from the knowledgeable power plant insufficient 200.....

    Tel:86-533-7607866 7607896
    Mobile tel:86-13808941629
    address:Zibo linzi area development zone
    (Hong Lu Industrial Park)


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    Add:Zibo linzi area development zone(Hong Lu Industrial Park) Tel:86-533-7607866 Phone:86-13808941629 Web:m.aabeb.com
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